The converting, maintenance, and operation of a Suzuki Samurai conversion to Electric power.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Left side underhood details

A view of the driver's side. From left to right (Firewall to grill) The little 12v battery for lights and such. I call it the house battery. The DC/DC  that charges it is an Iota DLS55
Designed as a plug in battery maintainer for RV batteries, this switch mode charger works on DC.
. Tucked under the fender is the throttle control that looks like a piece of PVC pipe with a spring on the end of it. It is connected to the throttle pedal with the cable that goes in front of the battery.

The relays to run the running, brake, and directional lights when towing the EV. One relay for the oogah horn. 

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