The converting, maintenance, and operation of a Suzuki Samurai conversion to Electric power.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

NiMH arrives

13 SAFT 12V NiMH batteries arrived today. There are patent issues with using these batteries in a vehicle so I am not at liberty to specify their source. We wil call the supplier "Addendum".

My original plan was to replace my GC batteries with the new ones in pretty much the same locations. As you can see, the modules have a different form factor. Under the hood, 6 modules nicely replace 6 of the floodies. I would like to add a seventh, but the length of the new battery prevents it from fitting in the same location. If I can move the charger to starboard, there may be clearance between the battery and the brake master cylinder. It will be close, but if it fits the rest of the installation will be easier. I had 7 lead acids under the hood with the other 11 spread out in 5 battery boxes of various sizes. It is recommended that the NiMH be water cooled, and spreading them out would make plumbing difficult. It looks likeI can put 6 in the rear. Adding a 7th would mean using one of the small battery boxes.

1 comment:

Wet and Cold said...

awesome! whats the added benefit of nimh batteries?

also, what does your zuk weigh in at?
How about max miles on full charge now?

Love the blog keep it up, still dreaming of my own EV Zuk!