The converting, maintenance, and operation of a Suzuki Samurai conversion to Electric power.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fire destroys 2 EVs
So far, no cause of the fire has been detected. Volt has been pretty well vindicated. Suzuki charge system checks ok.


corbin said...

Hey Storm -- Definitely let us know what they find out was the cause. And I'm rooting for you to bounce back and build another home-built EV in the near future. You did an awesome job on your conversion!


storm said...

Still no cause. The ins co wants to total the Suzuki as though it is a gas car. I told them it was electric. Probably should have had collision insurance with a stated value. Insurers don't really know what to make of EV conversions. Their proposed settlement is about 1/2 the battery cost. They are calling the battery, motor, etc. accessories- limited to $1500! I don't think they are accessories in an electric vehicle.