The converting, maintenance, and operation of a Suzuki Samurai conversion to Electric power.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Post mortem

There are captioned photos at and . Here can be seen the origins which seem to be lost from the blog. The albums are public so there should be no access problems.

In retrospect, upgrading from the golf cart batteries to NMh was a mistake. The lead acid are very hardy. They will put up with environmental  difficulties that will destroy the more expensive alternatives. I don't know about the lithium batteries other than they are still very expensive but lighter. I guess there is a reason that all the golf carts are still using lead. I have replaced the destroyed 2011 Volt with a 2012 model thanks to Amica Insurance. If you are looking for a company that treats you right, I would recommend them highly! Anyway, the environmental care GM gives those batteries is overwhelming. Never fully charged or fully discharged. Temperature controlled to a narrow range. Pretty tough for a home builder.

It is worth noting that the "range anxiety" so much talked about really isn't a problem for EV operators. You don't try to go further than you know you can.

If you are going to build an EV, don't buy the batteries until you are ready to install them. Everything will take longer and cost more than you expect. The battery charger will probably be one of the biggest expenses. Be sure you have the capability to charge on 120V. Outlets are available everywhere. 240s are harder to find. Obviously, 240 is nicer. Volts X Amps=Watts. You can figure about 3 miles/kilowatt. contact me at stormc at iname period com if I can possibly be of help.
Storm Connors

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